11. They can somehow make you feel guilty, as though everything is your fault. Even if they are in the wrong, they will somehow manipulate the situation to make you out to be the bad person.

12. Overly sensitive about constructive criticism, and otherwise defensive.

13. Unable to forge meaningful intimate relationships, and to interpersonally relate to others. (Unable to share the truth, avoids sharing personal history except in simplistic terms.)

14. Highly materialistic, and obsessed with their belongings. If it isn’t about objects they already have, they will be obsessing over objects they want or need.

15. They are always the victim. When you hear someone constantly talking about the tragedies of their life, and how others have made them their victim, it is time to separate from them. They are only looking for attention, and to manipulate you into believing they are the ‘good guy.’ This is a MAJOR red flag.

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