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Why is it that relationships fail? Is it because someone gives up before the other? Sometimes it is.

Dear Shitty Husbands,

Yes, I am talking to you. Just because you work hard does not mean you do everything. The following message is for you. Please listen carefully and take notes if need be.

I know what you’re thinking but just because you would ‘do anything’ for your wife, have sex with her regularly, or you just don’t abuse her doesn’t make you not shitty. Whether you believe you’re shitty or not doesn’t decide whether you really are. If you ever get to the point where your wife is thinking about leaving you and you look back trying to figure out what was wrong it was probably this.

This is probably what went wrong. Granted this is not something everyone will find to be true for them but it is true for most. You chose to be a little too selfish.

You chose to watch television at home inside instead of spending the day out in the sun like she asked, on more than one occasion. You were disconnected all the while thinking you were doing everything right, you were wrong. You might not want to admit it but you were wrong.

She doesn’t want to be alone to run the marriage herself. Marriage is a two person thing and should always be as so. She stayed in on the weekends to watch the kids while you went out with the guys. She asked you to go do things with your in-laws and you declined. She went to a party with you and you completely ignored her, letting her do her own thing never stopping by to even mouth the words I love you from across the room.

She needed you to be there for her and you were only there for yourself. You didn’t stop to think about your actions and how all those small things added up to something big. Actually, something huge. The road to hell is paved with good intentions I can assure you that.

You can have nothing but good intentions and still be doing the wrong thing. You can be a hard worker, kind, and even willing to sacrifice from time to time and still not come out on top. You can be wrong and think you were right.

You didn’t make her feel wanted and that was more than enough reason for her to begin thinking about leaving you. We are all shitty. We think about ourselves more than we should and we take things for granted. When we get married I becomes WE and WE need to stop thinking about ourselves so much.

It doesn’t have to be this way. We don’t have to be so shitty. We can stop making these mistakes and make time to actually spend with our families. This is your wake up call, are you going to take it?