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Grounding, or earthing, is what happens when our body obtains a direct connection with the Earth. This can be achieved by walking barefoot, and many researchers now believe that grounding can provide a number of amazing benefits.

Think about it if you have ever walked through soft, fresh grass after a rainstorm, didn’t it just feel right? This is because the ground is filled with electrons that connect with the energies within our body to balance us out perfectly. Not only that but as energetic beings, we are composed of the same energetic materials as our environment. It is because of this, that it becomes necessary for us to balance one another out by giving/absorbing as necessary.

1. Grounding Can Provide More Restful Sleep

Do you ever just feel overwhelmed with energy? Try giving some of that back to the Earth by taking a quick walk on your bare feet. Your excess energy will become more balanced by the Earth.

2. Reducing Inflammation

Many times, our pain and inflammation can easily be treated by antioxidants which neutralize free radicals. Thankfully, the ground has plenty of these too!

3. Mood Enhancement

Gaetan Chavalier conducted a study in which he had part of his participants to ground and the rest not to. Those that did had experienced an uplift in their mood. While the study concludes that more information would be necessary to make the results inconclusive, if they were found to be true, then we could have a simple, free way to heal anxiety and depression.

4. Improved Heart Health

In yet another study, it was concluded that grounding can actually boost your heart health by reducing the viscosity of your blood and preventing clumps. In turn, it was found that red blood cells were also improved.

5. Lessen Your Chances for Being Shocked

Sometimes, when we touch metal, we are shocked due to the static electricity. Thankfully, being grounded means that you have discharged excess energy before it has the chance to build.

6. Faster Healing

Grounded flowers bloom and live much longer than ungrounded ones, according to one study. Conversely, people who are grounded heal better than those who aren’t.

7. Faster Workout Recovery

Typically, after an intense workout, we end up feeling sore and tired. However, being grounded provides you with the ability to recover more rapidly. Try it out, and you will see your muscle function greatly improve.

8. Feeling Calmer

When you are overwhelmed, taking a quick, barefoot walk can do wonders. The ground will boost your antioxidant levels, soak up excess energy, and allow for a much calmer state of mind.

9. The Ability to Meditate

Meditating indoors can be chaotic, especially if you aren’t used to it. However, when your body is connected to Mother Earth, it is much simpler for your mind to become clear, and for you to reach an altered state of mind.

10. Reduce PMS Symptoms

PMS symptoms can become debilitating. Reduce painful headaches, cramps, and frustrating fatigue with grounding. While there is rarely a cureall that actually works, grounding is absolutely efficient for all of your frustrating PMS symptoms.

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