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In our society, we are often made fun of for donning a plethora of curves, and because of this, we are left feeling insecure. However, our assets not only make us better in bed, they also make us exponentially sexier as well!

So, if you are on a date with a curvy girl, brace yourselves, because someone is going to be coming, and it sure as hell won’t be winter! 😉

1. Men Are Geared to Want a Curvier Woman

A woman with childbearing hips, a thicker bust, and a big booty is the exact woman that most men are instinctually built to be attracted to. This is because of our innate desire to procreate. While not all of us are mentally geared that way consciously, our bodily instinct is, and that is a wonderful thing!

2. Motorboating…..’Nuff said.

Most curvy women come with a pretty decent set of tatas, and thankfully for men, this means that we also come with a lot of territories to discover. And if you are a boobs kinda dude, well you sir have officially reached the jackpot!

3. We Have a Healthy Appetite…..for EVERYTHING

It’s obvious that we love to treat ourselves to the finer things, including sex. We eat what we want to eat, drink what we want to drink, and if you are in charge of giving her the sexual reward that she desires, you will both be in for an amazing time!

4. Our Beautifully Juicy Booties

Oxford University conducted a study that found that women with larger butts have healthier children due to the larger amounts of Omega 3’s that we have stored. And what man doesn’t love a big, beautiful, juicy booty? 

5. We Have a Lot of Territory for You to Discover

All women have territory that is waiting to be discovered, however, the erogenous zones on a curvy girl are pretty much in the same boat as the greatest sexual amusement park ever. And due to the popularity of body worship, or the exploration of legs, hips, thighs, breasts, and booties, both partners can enjoy arousal from our amusement park!

6. More Cushion for the Pushin’

There are almost endless types of sexual positions, however, some are a bit more abrasive than others. Thankfully, when you are with a curvy girl, we absorb a bit more shock than a smaller lady. It is because of this, that you can go hog wild with us, without worrying about encountering an injury.

7. We are the Best Cuddle Buddies

Once you have finished making love, if you did it right, you are most likely tired. So what better way to end a mindblowing sex sesh’ than to indulge in a little cuddling. Thankfully, if you are with a curvy girl, you are in luck! We have more to grab onto, and more to snuggle up to. So, your welcome.

8. We Are Overloaded With Sex Appeal

Think about it: if men love boobs, booties, hips, etc, and we have more of them, it would be logical that we drive them absolutely crazy. And any of my confident curvy sisters can totally relate, cause if you haven’t *accidentally* pushed your boobs or booty in some guys face that you were trying to appeal to, then you’re doing it wrong.

9. Our Bodies Bear More Resemblance to Pin-Up Models

Remember Marilyn Monroe and Bettie Page? Neither of them was skinny, yet decades later, they are still considered sex icons. Why? Because curves are timeless, and will always represent the type of woman that men instinctively are geared to want. And who can blame them?

10. Thickness Can Be Equated to the Sexual Essence of a Woman

Dr. James Watson explains, “thinness is never associated with sexuality.” While all men have preferences, however, evidence points towards a much higher association and proliferation for curves. Point. Blank. Period.