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There are some relationships that we encounter in life, that have so many problems that there is absolutely no hope for resolution. However, in other cases, while the bad still exists, there is enough there between the two partners to make giving a second try absolutely worth it.

The problem with this is that sometimes it can be hard to decipher whether or not we should stay. Sadly, we live during a time when people end up terminating their long-term relationships at the slightest of problems, without even trying to fix the situation.

Conversely, there are some people that remain in relationships that they have tried time and time again to fix, to know avail.

So, what are we supposed to do? How do we know if there is still enough left in our relationship to work it out versus leaving? While the answer can truly only come from within, as we are the only ones enduring our relationships, there are some tell-tell signs which can provide us insight.

1. You Truly Don’t Want to Breakup

While it may sound super simple, knowing whether you want to stay or go makes all the difference. Instinctively, we know when enough is enough and whether or not a situation is going to improve. If you are pushed to your limits, it may be time to go.

2. You Haven’t Discussed the Issue At Hand With Your Partner

The number one problem in most relationships is communication. How in the world do we expect to make our relationships better, if we haven’t even discussed what is bother us? The answer is, we can’t. Instead of throwing it all away, sit down with your partner and talk it out.

3. The Problem You Have Is An Honest Mistake

We are all human and we all make mistakes. People can move on from a mistake, and relationships survive them all the time. If you know that the problem you are dealing with was an honest mistake made in the heat of the moment, try to be forgiving and understand that we all have a bad moment from time to time.

4. The Problem or Behavior Can Be Fixed

Is your partner spending too much time on the internet, and ignoring you? Does he constantly interrupt you, or make you feel like he isn’t listening? Talk to him about it. Allow them with the opportunity to change before you decide to end what you have with him.

5. Your Problem Is Circumstantial

In a relationship, times can be tough with conflicting work schedules, stressful life events, and because life happens. Don’t terminate a relationship based on a tough time when everything else has been just fine. Instead, talk to your partner about it, and try to work through it together as a team.

6. The Good Most Definitely Outweighs the Bad

Despite your problems, you partner is still your best friend. They are the person that is there for you through it all, and have been for some time. While you may have your problems, you love them far too much to allow small issues to take the lead.

7. You Are Both Willing to Make It Work

If you have talked about your problems, and both of you are interested in working through it, then by all means, do.

8. In The End, If You Look Back At Your Relationship, All The Problems Would Have Been Worth It

If you can envision the future, and see yourself looking back at the relationship and feeling as though it made your life better, then it is most definitely worth another shot.

9. Despite Your Problems, You Still Trust and Respect Each Other

If during a hard time, you find that you both continue to be respectful to one another and treat each other in a loving manner, then there may still be hope. Treating each other well when things are going good is easy, however, during a trying time, it can be more difficult. It says a lot when the trust and respect remains during all times.

10. Your Fights Are Productive

While fights are normal, there are times in a relationship when we don’t truly hear our partners. Because of this, change isn’t accomplished and you have the same fight time and time again. But, if you find that you and your partner have the opposite that you hold true, it is likely you could get through this fight as well.