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There are many of us who wonder whether we have some hidden psychic abilities, deep inner talents that we aren’t even aware exist. Maybe you’ve noticed that lights or television sets flicker when you are near, or you believe you see shadows moving out of the corner of your eye. The challenge lies in distinguishing between the real, sure-fire signs as opposed to the old wives’ tales.

One thing to keep in mind is that when a psychic has an abundance of energy stored up but hasn’t been using it, this can lead to a point where this energy begins to impact your health – mind, body, and spirit. You may find that you are feeling more drained than usual, or that you are experiencing behaviors or sensations within your body. If this is the case, it is always recommended to seek the advice of a medical professional, however, this may all point to an abundance of psychic energy.

Curious? Watch for these signs:

  1. You Accidentally Predict the Future: At times, you may find that you make an offhanded comment about something to come, only to find that the prediction you made comes to fruition. For example, you may change your usual driving route for no reason only to learn of a major accident upon the usual road.
  2. You Feel a Deep Connection with the Animal Kingdom: Your psychic abilities not only allow you to connect with and understand other humans but also animals that you encounter. While you can’t ‘speak’ with them, you feel there is a form of communication that goes beyond words.
  3. You Feel Drawn to Old Places: When you visit a location that has a great deal of history, you instantly feel drawn to the location and the history that it contains. Energies can sometimes affix themselves to objects that you later pick up on.
  4. You Know When Friends and Family Have a Secret: Did your cousin recently try to keep their surprise pregnancy quiet but you already knew what was going on? Anytime that someone close to you has something to share, you find that you know before they even spill the beans.
  5. Your Dreams are Vivid and Realistic: You can remember them clearly long after you woke up, feeling as though you were actually experiencing your various sense – touch, scent, etc. while there.
  6. You Notice that Electronics Malfunction When You are Near: Whether you are talking about phones, televisions, computers or radios -when you enter the room or pass by the items in question you notice that they act up or turn off.
  7. You Experience Goosebumps or Tingling Sensations: Your body has been long designed to act as an antenna for energies that surround you, picking up both positive and negative energies depending on what you are exposed to. When you get a good idea, such as a plan or a perfect gift, you will feel your psychic energies in the form of tingling in your body.
  8. You Believe You Have Been Visited by a Deceased Loved One: After a loved one has passed you experienced some sort of strange experience as if your loved one were trying to communicate with you or visit you.
  9. You Feel Drawn to All Things Paranormal: You don’t know why but you have always been fascinated by all things connected with the world of the paranormal. While other children were afraid of the boogie man, you were always drawn to all things ‘spooky.’
  10. You See Shadows or Hear Noises: This may be out of the corner of your eye, or something that you experience in an adjoining room. Noises may include a whisper or the shuffling of feet when you know that no one else is home.