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When a powerful woman walks into the room you won’t miss it, all heads turning to admire her confidence. She commands the room with just a look, her drive and ambition burning life a fire deep within her eyes.

Her success didn’t come from having an easy life, she has had her share of challenges and struggles, but she refuses to give up or back down – tackling the challenges of life head on and coming out on top. Positive and upbeat, she lights up every room she walks into, motivating and inspiring others.


Here are 10 Things that Powerful Women Do Differently:


  1. She is Incredibly Passionate: She knows what her priorities are, and she is incredibly passionate in her pursuit of them, including her career, her hobbies and the people that she holds dear.
  2. She is Comfortable Solo: She doesn’t feel as though she needs someone else to make her whole, but rather that she is a brave, strong woman all of her own. She isn’t afraid to be single, and won’t abandon herself when in a relationship.
  3. She Loves a Challenge: She is always learning and growing and understands that the best way to do so is by continuing to challenge herself regularly.
  4. She is a Master of Time Management: She knows that in order to succeed she needs to make the most of her day and is able to prioritize her life as necessary in order to move forward and stay on the path to her dreams.
  5. She is a Risk Taker: She understands that there is no reward in life without first taking a risk, and she isn’t afraid to go for it.
  6. She is Good with Finances: She works extremely hard, and is responsible with her finances, saving money to chase after her biggest dreams, and preparing herself for life’s challenges.
  7. She Practices Self Care: She understands the importance of taking care of herself, making her own health and well being a priority in her life.
  8. She Loves to Help Others: Rather than getting ahead by tearing others down, she would rather reach out a hand and help those that she encounters throughout life, lifting them up and helping them to succeed.
  9. She Doesn’t Play Victim: Making excuses would be the easy way out, and she isn’t about to take that approach! She focuses on how to move forward rather than feeling sorry for herself.
  10. She Views Complaining as a Waste of Time: She knows that she has two choices when life gets challenging, either sit around complaining and feeling sorry for herself, or stand up, brush herself off and push forward, overcoming her challenges.