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We often forget that our lives have a deeper purpose. We allow the normal everyday motions to define us and we should not.

If you are having trouble staying connected with your true self-take the time to reflect on these things. These are the ten truths that will strength your connection with your true self. If you are disconnected try not to give into the black hole that is the status quo. Take back control of your life by using these simple reminders.

1. You are never alone.

You are always surrounded by energy. You do not need to think all has been lost when you haven’t even taken the time to look for it.

2. You should not compare yourself to others.

You can be just as successful as everyone else if you put your mind to it. You are your own worst enemy. Do not be envious.

3. You cannot control everything.

Life is not supposed to be about who controls who and how to keep each other in line. We are supposed to act out and be ourselves. There is no shame in that.

4. If you want to be productive you must be open to acceptance.

5. You are full of possibilities, all the answers you seek can be found within.

6. Fear does not have to be in control.

You are not supposed to let fear control you, there are ways to get around it. You must overcome your fears.

7. You are right where you belong.

You are where you need to be in every given moment. If you weren’t in the place you needed to be you would be somewhere else. We are all where we are for a reason.

8. You are enough.

There is nothing wrong with you. You are amazing and should never let anyone tell you different.

9. Everything is temporary.

Even the pain you deal with on a daily basis will go away someday. We are constantly evolving.

10. You will achieve your goals.

It is not something that happens overnight. You will end up where you want to be once you have made your way through where you need to be.