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If you think you are finally done with this game we call love and are ready to hang up the ole white flag, why not o just that? Why not leave all the headaches of relationships in the past and move on with yourself.

Well, because quite frankly, that would suck. We have to keep on keeping on, no matter how hard things get. We should never stop searching for that love that we deserve. We are all worthy of it. Patience is just one of those things we are not all gifted with.

Take a look at your past and make some adjustments before getting back out in the dating world. Maybe you are making some simple mistakes that are making a big difference in your life. If you follow my tips chances are your next real relationship will be your last.

1. Get to know one another before becoming physical.

I know, that’s hard to do in a sex before the third date type of society but it can and should be done.

2. Don’t rush!

Really, get to know each other. If you’ve only just met him a few months ago chances are moving in together is a big no-no.

3. Move in stages. As your relationship grows the stages will develop.

4. Set achievable goals as a couple.

Openly communicate with one another. Make sure you are both on the same page.


6. Let go of any hate you have been harboring towards past lovers.

Leave the bags of emotions at the door. There is no place for them in your new relationship.

7. Respect one another’s boundaries.

You are both human and sometimes what makes you uncomfortable doesn’t bother someone else and vice versa.

8. Commit to one another.

9. Don’t let the relationship overwhelm you.

10. Give each other space as needed.