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“When you’re deeply sensitive, love is ecstasy. Music is godlike. Heartache is a wide, somatic wound. Visual natural beauty is jewel-drenched, wild bliss. Tension and conflict are muscle tightening and toxic, straight down to the cells.”

  • Victora Erickson

 Emotional empaths are a unique group of people, blessed with a heightened sensitivity to those around them. These individuals care about everyone else unconditionally, living their lives driven by their big heart and complex emotions. Giving without question, and without concern as to what they may be receiving in response – to many, they are the example of the perfect partner in life.

Empaths struggle, however, with their ability to function within a relationship. Absorbing and accepting the emotions around us can be exhausting, especially when you are faced with a negative or toxic situation. It is at this point that most of us shut down our emotional side, distancing ourselves enough to protect our mental and emotional well being. For an empath, this isn’t an option. They can’t just shut themselves off. Instead, they find themselves feeling overwhelmed and bogged down by the energies that they are absorbing, slowly losing themselves in the negativity if they are unprepared.

This level of intensity and depth is more than most men are prepared to handle early in a relationship. Upon being exposed to their partner’s heightened sensitivity, they find themselves intimidated, unable to see the strengths that they bring to the relationship as they are blinded by their fear of the depth of the connection.

Here is a list of 11 reasons why most women find that an empathic woman is more than they can handle:


  1. They Are Incredibly Intense

It is nearly impossible to go through life feeling the depth of energies and experiences in life that an empath does, without developing an intense personality. Aware of who they are, and their place in life, they are not about to allow any man to change them and refuse to apologize for who they are. They are looking for a partner that will genuinely love them for who they are.


  1. They Can See Through the Lies

If, while searching for a partner, a man decides to portray a persona, hiding their real self in favor of an image that they believe will be more desirable, they are going to strike out quickly with an empath! These women can see through the imposters, seeing, instead, the true self that they are trying to hide. This continues into a relationship, meaning that they are aware of any lies that their partners may try to tell. This is too much for many men.


  1. They Know What They Want

Empaths have a very clear and detailed plan for the life ahead of them, knowing exactly where they are going and what they hope to achieve. This plan for their life is incredibly important in their eyes, often more so than a budding relationship which may spell trouble for their potential partners.


  1. They Aren’t Looking for a Project

Negative emotions and energies are incredibly draining for an empath, and for this reason, they are looking for someone who is on the same ‘wave length.’ In order to spend time with their partner, they need to find someone that carries a similar positive energy in life, someone with confidence and an understanding of who they are and where they are headed in life. They don’t want to work to ‘fix’ their partner – they want someone who is whole, to begin with.


  1. They Ask Too Many Questions

Empaths view the world with a depth that most would never imagine. They aren’t happy with just skating through life, leaving life to chance. Instead, they don’t shy away from the difficult questions in their efforts to find a man that shares their goals and dreams in life. Most men don’t like to contemplate their relationships to this depth early on and are quick to walk away.


  1. They Are Highly Independent

Most men desire, above all else, to be needed. They want to care and provide for their partner, offering them feelings of security and safety. The problem with this is that an empath is incredibly independent, and ultimately, they don’t feel as though they need anyone in life. While they enjoy the idea of sharing this life with a partner who will take the journey by their side, they refuse to give up the reigns of control in their own world.


  1. They Prefer Consistency

In order to develop deep, meaningful relationships an empath requires an element of consistency from their partners. They live their lives by their schedules, a careful plan of seemingly important daily routines that they are unwilling to break. In order to fit into their lives, their partners need to provide some consistency as well, showing that they will work harmoniously with their empathic partner. If a man is going to be wishy-washy, bail at the last minute, or fail to keep their promises, they should be advised not to waste their time trying to create any type of lasting relationship with an empath.


  1. They Are Looking for Empathic Partners

Viewing life in such a complex way from an emotional standpoint can be lonely for these women. They long to find someone that shares their wavelength, able to carry out conversations that will only be understood by another empath. Most men, however, struggle with this level of sensitivity and connection, especially early on in a relationship!


  1. They Are Brutally Honest

These women live with a clear code of morals, and honesty is something that they highly value. It would go against everything that they believe in to tell lies. For that reason, they don’t hold anything back, sharing the truth regardless of what it may cost them.


  1. They Go All In

An empath isn’t about to ‘test the waters,’ experimenting with whether or not they are interested in a relationship or a specific commitment. When they take the step to being with someone, they instantly go all in. They don’t hold back anything and expect the same level of commitment from their partner. Many men are not prepared to enter into a new relationship at this level right from the beginning.


  1. They Demand Intimacy

For an empathic woman, intimacy isn’t just the icing on the cake, a beautiful perk to a good relationship. Revealing their vulnerable side early in the relationship, they are looking for a man who can share their struggles and fears, opening up about their own weaknesses and vulnerabilities. Today’s society, however, teaches young boys the exact opposite making it difficult to find a man that shares this way of thinking.