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“Girls should never be afraid to be smart.”

  • Emma Watson

Life as a woman can be a challenging one, always battling against the stereotypes that have existed for decades. Originally seen as the ‘weaker’ of the sexes, requiring a man to care for and protect us, we have fought to be viewed as equals. This struggle is even harder for intelligent women, highly misunderstood in their words and actions. These are the women who know exactly what they want in life, they aren’t afraid to dream, and they are willing to put the work into achieving these goals.

Here are 12 ‘bad habits’ (that aren’t really bad) that all intelligent girls have been accused of at one time or another:

  1. You are blunt and honest, refusing to waste your time on things that you don’t consider to be important to you.


  1. You sometimes fail to genuinely have ‘fun’ in life. Your friends and family may drag you out from time to time and remind you of the importance of enjoying yourself as you can become too highly focused.


  1. Some people may refer to you as a snob because you only spend time with the people you WANT to spend time with. Why waste time with people who aren’t going to bring out the best in you?


  1. You’ve been called the ‘crazy girlfriend,’ due to the fact that you are in tune with your emotions, and are unafraid to express them.


  1. You sometimes become lost in your routine, going through the motions. While a set routine is a positive way of structuring your life, you do need to occasionally ‘change it up’ to avoid going through the motions in life.


  1. You fail to connect with people or allow new people into your life. Focused highly on your goals and dreams, you sometimes fail to put the time and effort into meeting new people, and as such your group of friends is relatively small.


  1. Outspoken and honest, you have been called a loudmouth, but you don’t believe you should dance around the truth and are unafraid to speak your mind.


  1. You are highly passionate about the people and activities that you deem to be important in your life, and you are excited to share this with anyone who will listen.


  1. You are a workaholic. You know what you want, and just how much work it will take to get there, and you’re ok with putting the time and effort in!


  1. Many people find you to be intimidating, but the truth is you simply know what you want in life and are driven to pursue it regardless of how hard you have to work.


  1. You are always on the go, often even multitasking. When someone tells you to slow down and take it easy you become offended, after all, you have goals to reach, and this requires you to stay focused and moving forward!


  1. You have very little patience for those who lack the drive and determination that you possess, unwilling to slow your life down for someone else.