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Do you spend more time doing things you shouldn’t be doing rather than the things you should be doing? Ever binge watch your favorite show on Netflix instead of cleaning house?

You’re definitely not alone in this, however, it will cause a lot of people to label you as lazy. Of course, who wouldn’t call you lazy for doing nothing all day? But could this be because of a lack of creativity in your life? Maybe you are much smarter than those around you and are in need of stimulation.

If you do these things you might not be ‘just lazy’ you might be a genius in need of a helping hand:

1. Talking to yourself.

Lots of smart people talk to themselves.

2. Having few friends.

Fewer friends equal less stress.

3. Seeming stagnant.

You may just have too much going on inside your mind.

4. Being messy

5. Taking your time.

Gotta make sure things are done right.

6. Doodling.

This helps you to pay more attention to details.

7. Calmly creating better solutions for things.

8. Giving other people things to do.

If you can convince others to do things without having to do anything yourself you’re a genius.

9. Efficiency.

If you’re too lazy to do something chances are it doesn’t necessarily have to be done. You often find shortcuts that work wonders.

10. Taking Naps.

Naps help to improve your brain function.

11. You only get up for things that are considered ‘creative.’

12. You aren’t like everyone else.

You see lazy people lack motivation. If given the motivation they need a lazy person can do anything. Are you a hidden genius?