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Without a shadow of a doubt, there are plenty of toxic people in all of our lives, perpetuating needless drama, and undermining our self-esteem. Of course, we cannot live in a bubble, but by knowing and understanding the signs, we can identify and remove these people from our lives.

Of course, a person need not demonstrate all of the following signs to be considered toxic. On the contrary, just by displaying one of these signs, or multiple variations of these signs, a person could be considered as toxic.

1. They Have No Compassion

One of the things that make us human is our ability to display compassion and empathy for others. However, toxic people typically lack such characteristics, meaning that they could be considered quite harmful to others. 

2. They Are Always the Victim

No matter what the situation is, it is never their fault. Instead, they are the victim of circumstances and of other people. When someone in your life acts in this manner, please separate yourself immediately, as this is a major red flag.
3. They Don’t Apologize

While it may be obvious to you that they have done wrong, they can’t seem to wrap their mind around it. They are always right, and if they aren’t they have a damn good excuse.

4. They Manipulate

Even when they play it off as though they have no idea they are doing it, they are constantly manipulating others. Whether they are playing the victim, or trying to bend your sympathy, they are constantly trying to push you to act in their favor.
5. You Fear Standing Up to Them

If you are afraid to voice your opinion due to someone’s personality, this is a very bad sign. Something inside of you fears them, and this is probably for good reason. If you cannot even stand up for yourself when you should, then you need to walk away for good.

6. They Are Envious, Jealous and Materialistic

Toxic people are never happy with what they have, especially when it concerns materialistic items. And while they are always trying to have more, they are never satisfied.

7. They Are Addictive, Like a Drug

Toxic people will treat you as if you were the greatest thing that ever existed until they have gotten used to you, or no longer need you. Then, they will degrade you, and tear you apart mentally. Because of this, it is hard to see the real them, and it may be hard to pull away.

8. They Have a Horrible Temper

While we all have our moments, toxic people can make you feel as though you are constantly walking on eggshells, as they could blow up at any moment.

9. They Are Controlling

Usually, when a toxic person is present in your life, they will do whatever they can to grab the reigns and take control. When they can’t do this obviously, they will work through manipulation.

10. They Make You Feel Used

It is obvious that they don’t care about you, or about your opinions. Any time that you distance yourself from them, you feel as though you have been used. 

11. They Constantly Seek Attention

While you are in a group, they constantly attempt to draw the attention to them. Whether it is obvious or not, this is a red flag.

12. They Are Physically or Emotionally Abusive

While it may seem as though this would be an obvious sign, many forgive those that hurt them. There is no excuse for such behavior, and if you have been abused physically or emotionally, it is time to go.

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