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Having big boobs can be both a blessing and a curse. While many young women wish their whole lives to have big boobs, those of us who actually get them know exactly how frustrating it can be to live with them.

1.It’s impossible to wear a shirt that has a built in bra. So, just go ahead and mark that off of your list of fashion choices.

2. Goodbye to looking good in those cute, baggy shirts that are so trendy right now.

3. Finding a button down shirt that actually fits when you have big boobs is IMPOSSIBLE.

4. Boob deodorant becomes a necessity.

5. Cute bikini tops that fit over big boobs is not an easy feat.

6. Cute and cheap bras are also hard to find when you have big boobs.

7. Strapless shirts are a constant effort to wear, and when you are wearing them, you will eventually do the wiggle in front of complete strangers…..awkward.

8. And when you do try on a clothing item that fits EVERYWHERE but your chest….it’s like….

9. Necklaces almost always dangle in between those babies, which is super uncomfortable.

10. Working out with big boobs is also…..awkward. No matter what size sports bra you find, there is no way to avoid the bounce.

11. Super tight shirts begin to appear almost translucent.

12. At least you can always find a snack…..

13. But logo tees always end up stretched and weird after one wearing.

14. Ruffles never look right over big boobs.

15. And while you may get more hug offers, the majority of them will come from weirdos and pervs.