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Relationships that are going to last just feel different. It is something that most people find hard to put into words.

When you find the man you’re supposed to marry things will be completely different than they were with other men. You will feel tons of new and wonderful things and these feelings with help you to realize just how special what you have truly is. If you feel the following with your man he most likely is the man you should marry.

15 Things You Will Feel When You’ve Found The Man You Should Marry

1. You will be comfortable in your own body.

Whether you are insecure on a small or big level you will become comfortable. You will be completely okay with being your true self in front of your man and he will accept you for who you are.

2. You’ll be amazed by the fact that he even exists.

A connection like the one you have is something you have never even felt. Everything you thought you knew about what relationships were supposed to be was completely wrong now and you realize that you have been missing something intense this whole time.

3. Everything fits perfectly.

Everything between the two of you just fell into place. Sometimes we aren’t even looking for a relationship when things like this come rushing into our lives. When you meet the guy you are supposed to marry everything just fits. There is no other was to describe it.

4. You can talk to each other about anything.

You will feel like no subject is off limits. You can talk about the past, present, future, and everything in between. You two are open with one another and even your differences do not cause problems.

5. Your relationship is a priority.

You focus a lot of time on the relationship. You spend time together and put yourselves first. You know that relationships need nourishing and are more than ready to do that. You put the needs of your relationship first.

6. You feel like he has the same vision for the future that you have.

You both are headed in the same direction and there is no doubt about it.

7. His ‘flaws’ are adorable to you.

Everything he does is charming even when it is something that would have annoyed you in the past. His flaws do not bother you and if he leaves his leftovers on the table you just laugh instead of getting mad. Everything is so easy with him.

8. You feel important.

You feel as if he really puts you first to an extent that no one has before. You don’t have to question how he feels about you, you just know.

9. You don’t fight, you work things out.

You talk through your problems instead of fighting. Small arguments aren’t a big issue anymore. Everything, as I mentioned above, is just easier with him. He would rather talk your problems out than fight.

10. You feel like you can trust him.

Trust is no longer an issue he trusts you and you trust him. You never have to question the things he does because you know he isn’t going to do anything to ruin or damage your relationship.

11. You feel attracted to him all the time.

Yes, even when he is a hot mess covered in sweat. You just cannot get enough of him. No matter what he’s looking like you’re always attracted to him. It is just a special kind of bond, you see who he is perfectly regardless of how he looks each day.

12. You don’t feel like things are going to end.

You no longer have that fleeting feeling. Things are going great and you truly feel like he is here to stay.

13. You love how he is with your family.

Your family loves him and he is great with them. He puts in extra effort to make sure they like him because he knows they are important to you.

14. You feel like he will always support your dreams.

He pushes you to do the things you want in life. He doesn’t care what it takes, he wants you to be happy and have all your dreams come true.

15. He completes you.

You will feel as if you have truly found your other half. There is no easy way to describe this feeling but when you feel it you will know. It is amazing.