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Indigo children are highly gifted children who began appearing back in the 70s; they are psychically aware and very creative. Are you an indigo child?

When it comes to pointing out an Indigo it is not hard. They are all old souls with a mission. If you want to know if you are an Indigo child see if you match up with the signs below.

Common Traits of Indigo Children:

1. You know you are different.

2. You are confident in your need to be here.

3. You have high expectations of yourself.

4. You have high expectations for those around you.

5. You hate the system and what things changed.

6. You are perceptive.

7. You question authority.

8. You want to overthrow ‘the man.’

9. You are creative.

10. You are a lost soul.

12. You are highly intuitive.

13. You are driven.

14. You are passionate and focused.

15. You are frustrated with where the world is headed.

As an Indigo child, you are destined to make changes and challenge society. Point out any flaws you see in the system and live your life to the fullest. You have a strong sense of integrity that sets you out from the rest.