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We have all dealt with sexist remarks from those who think it is ‘funny.’ It’s not that funny, is it?

These people think joking about your gender as if you can control it is lightening to mood, well it isn’t. We are forced to deal with these dumbasses day in and day out. What do you do when facing things like this? Do you laugh along, leave, or fight back?

It is time you fight back if you haven’t been already. When things like this happen to you because you know they will, you should be prepared. Here are several different things you could say when someone tries to shove a sexist phrase down your throat. You will notice how common these sexist phrases are when you see them below.

Sexist Phrase #1: “You know women belong in the kitchen right?”

Response: “Yes, of course, that’s where all the knives are.”

Sexist Phrase #2: “You look better without makeup.”

Response: “You sound better when you’re quiet.”

Sexist Phrase #3: “Why are you so mad? Are you on your period?”

Response: “Yes, I woke up covered in blood from the waist down, an open wound I couldn’t stop in my genitals, would you like to do the same?”

Sexist Phrase #4: “You’re a little too thin for me.”

Response: “You’re too fat for me anyway.”

Sexist Phrase #5: “You’re too pretty to be this smart.”

Response: “You’re too stupid to be alive.”

Sexist Phrase #6: “Women shouldn’t talk like that, why are you such a potty mouth?”

Response: “My bad, I must have swallowed too much of your shit.”

Sexist Phrase #7: “Know your place woman!”

Response: “I do, I’m number 1 asshole.”

Sexist phrase #8: “Women should be seen, not heard.”

Response: “And you shouldn’t be seen or heard.”

Sexist Phrase #9: “You would be so sexy if you lost some weight.”

Response: “If you tried not speaking at all you might be a little more appealing than my big toe.”

Sexist Phrase#10: “Stop being so sensitive, it’s just a joke.”

Response: “Stop trying to be funny, you suck.”

Sexist Phrase #11: “You need to let a man do that.”

Response: “You need to learn how to mind your own business.”

Sexist Phrase #12: “Go make me a sandwich.”

Response: “Oh, you’re making sandwiches. I’ll take mine with tomato and extra ketchup please.”

Sexist Phrase #13: “You’re a slut.”

Response: “And you’re disgusting.”

Sexist Phrase #14: “I’d like to see you naked.”

Response: “and I would like to see you dead.”

Sexist Phrase #15: “Hey sexy can I get your number?”

Response: “Sure, 424-86GOFUCKYOURSELF”

Of course, there are tons more sexist things you will come across besides the ones listed above. Just do your best to stand up for yourself. People need to be aware that they can’t just go around belittling others and not have it dished back to them. You are amazing!