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Loyalty is something almost all people look for in their partners. Faithfulness is becoming harder and harder to find this day and age.

Sadly infidelity is more common than anything else here lately and according to a study done in 2016, 41 percent of married couples actually admit to being unfaithful. When it comes to relationships, looking for the signs is really one of the only ways to tell if things are going well or not.

If your guy has the following things down, chances are he will always be faithful:

1. He likes your friends.

That being said he keeps a respectful distance.

2. He puts your relationship over his friendships.

None of his friendships come before his relationship with you. (If you’re a crazy bitch, of course, he will choose his friends over you.)

3. He keeps his promises.

He will always do whatever he can to make sure his word is good.

4. He does not push his limits.

He knows what things can lead to infidelity and does not get himself in those situations.

5. He does not get close to female co-workers.


6. He does not reach out to his exes.

He will not chat or hang out with exes and damn sure won’t try to justify it.

7. He is open with you.

There are no secrets.

8. He knows he is appreciated.

9. He isn’t a narcissist.

10. He loves being intimate with you.

There is a deep physical and emotional connection between the two of you.

11. He doesn’t need compliments to be happy.

He knows you care about him even when times are rough.

12. He treats the finances as equal and does not control them.

He likes to work together to set financial goals and go over bills.

13. He will not flirt with other people.

You are the only person he flirts with.

14. He admits his faults.

He knows his weaknesses and is not ashamed of them.

15. He uses ‘we’ rather than ‘me.’

You are included in his future.

16. He wants to spend time with you.

17. He doesn’t try to overcompensate.

18. He is active in family gatherings.

Your family is just as important to him as his because it is important to you.