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When you think “alpha woman” what comes to mind? A strong, beautiful, powerful woman? Well, not all alpha women are that noticeable in the beginning.

Are you an alpha woman? Look for the signs below.

20 Ways Alpha Females Stand Out From Everyone Else

1. She is well balanced.

She is not one of those women who struggle to maintain a balance between their work and personal lives. She knows how important this is and does not lose sight of it. She is very well put together.

2. She can read people and situations.

She knows when something is going to benefit her and can also identify when someone has harmful intentions. She knows to walk away from something that is about to take a turn for the worse and saves herself a whole lot of stress.

3. She does not try to compete with other women.

She knows who she is and is not easily made insecure by others. She knows what other people expect of her and does not allow herself to get swept up in it all. She is comfortable in her own skin and does not look to other women for verification of this.

4. She takes constructive criticism well.

She is not afraid to hear the truth, no matter how hard it is to hear. No matter how much she achieves she knows there will always be room for improvement and will continue to improve. She has no problem accepting criticism and solves the issue directly from the source.

5. She tells it like it is.

People are drawn to her because they know she will always tell the truth. She doesn’t waste time telling others what she thinks they want to hear. She does not sugarcoat anything no matter the situation.

6. Her actions seem to be effortless.

She makes hard work look easy. She appears to have everything all put together and inspires others to do so as well. She remains on point whether those around her are falling apart or not.

7. She has a natural confidence.

This is something most women lack. She has a well-earned confidence that follows her no matter where she goes. She knows she has the ability to get things done properly and attracts positivity wherever she steps. She is able to remain confident without becoming cocky.

8. She carries herself well.

You can tell by the way she steps that she is important and knows her self-worth. She knows exactly what to say and when to say it; it is almost like she is a mind reader. You cannot help but let her read your mind, she is just someone you feel like you can trust from the beginning.

9. She does not tear others down.

She is not fake but would much rather build others up than tear them down. Yes, she will say what she needs to say but she does not ever go about things with negative intentions. She is strong and will without a doubt pick you up when you’re feeling down.

10. She is a natural leader.

Others will follow her without questioning it. She is the queen bee regardless of the amount of effort she puts into things.

11. She will admit when she has done something wrong and will not let others take the blame for her actions.

She can and will admit to her wrongdoings. She is the first to apologize when an apology is necessary and she does not let making mistakes damage her pride.

12. She never begs for anything.

She will not stoop to that level. She does not need the affections of others and is content taking care of her problems on her own. You will not find her begging for anything, to be honest, it is rare for her to even ask for help in the first place.

13. She will not be treated poorly.

She knows her worth and will not deal with people who try to treat her like shit. It does not matter how long the relationship is as soon as things go sour she gets out of the situation.

14. She makes her own money and relies on no one else.

She does things her way and always provides for herself. She does not need anyone to pay her bills or buy her nice things. She has that covered all on her own.

15. She is focused on herself and the things she wants in life.

Regardless of what it is, she wants she is focused. She will achieve her goals no matter what it takes. There is no getting in her way.

16. She is respected.

People respect her which is to be expected. She deserves it and has worked hard for it.

17. She welcomes change with open arms.

An alpha woman is not afraid of change. She is open to it and embraces it in any form that it comes. She does not cower in fear, you will not see her afraid.

18. She only allows loyal trustworthy people to be around her.

You will not find anyone who isn’t worth being around in her inner circle of friends. She keeps good company and has friends that are worth having.

19. Things come easily to her.

She doesn’t have to try hard though she does still put her all into what she does. She is one of those people who get things done with ease. Something that would take us hours may only take her an hour to get done.

20. She does not think she is better than anyone else. 

She knows how important we all are and she does not ever assume she is above those around her. She will do her best to help those who need help and never look down on them.

Alpha women are truly amazing and should be respected. Sure, their traits do not always immediately come into plain view. However, finding an alpha woman is quite easy and can be done after just a short conversation with one. Are you or do you know an alpha woman?