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“New beginnings are often disguised as painful endings.”

  • Lao Tzu

 The Goddess Kali (pronounced kah’lee) is the goddess of life, death, transformation, destruction, endings, and beginnings. She comes into our life delivering a message about the importance of change, encouraging us to accept it with an open mind and let go of our fear of the unknown. She helps us to recognize the things in our lives that are holding us back, negative influences and pains from our past that we must let go of in order to move forward.

While we can call on Kali at any time to bring her influence into our lives, carrying out a cleansing process. This will, at times, be difficult as it may call forward some painful memories or older, negative energies that you must face in order to allow them to be removed from your life. She acts to not only destroy these negative influences but also to create new beginnings and opportunities.

Leaving 2016 behind us, a year that was all about endings and finalities, we now move into a year of beginnings and fresh starts. The year 2017 carries a significance in numerology, as it is a 1 year (2+0+1+7=10, 1+0=1). The number 1 represents new beginnings, rebirths, and fresh starts, providing new ideas and innovations with the energy and momentum necessary to propel them forward.

With this energy already being provided by the year that we are currently in, that makes this an ideal time to call the Goddess Kali into our lives, accepting that we are now closing a chapter of our lives behind us and welcoming the start of a new one.

While they year 2017 is powerful as a whole, there are a number of dates that break down to 1:1:1, 1:11:1 or 11:11:1, adding additional power to Kali’s energy. The dates still remaining in 2017 include:

  • October 1, 2017 (1:1:1)
  • October 10, 2017 (1:1:1)
  • October 11, 2017 (1:11:1)
  • October 19, 2017 (1:1:1)
  • October 28, 2017 (1:1:1)
  • November 1, 2017 (11:1:1)
  • November 10, 2017 (11:1:1)
  • November 11, 2017 (11:11:1)
  • November 19, 2017 (11:1:1)
  • November 28, 2017 (11:1:1)

Open your heart, mind, and soul to the work of Kali, and her assistance will help you to expel negative energies and experiences from our past. This will allow you to face life with a new sense of clarity and peace. Through this experience, you will allow yourself to become a source of positive energy, providing you with the opportunity to positively influence those around you.

Prayer to Kali

Here is an example of a prayer that you can stay to call upon the Goddess Kali. While reciting the prayer remember that this may not evoke an immediate response. Watch for signs of Kali’s influence on your life in the coming hours, days and weeks.

Kali, Kali, Kali

Knower of the Unknown

Seer of the Unseen

Grant me but a small portion of your Knowledge and Sight

Help me to Know what I need to Know

Help me to See what I need to See

Help me to Know when to Move Forward and when to Let Go

To Honor your Wisdom and Guidance and act in the best interests of All

Kali, Kali, Kali,

Hear my Prayer.”