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The hottest new trend, fidget spinners have taken the world by storm! The internet is ablaze with photos and videos, stores are carrying them everywhere and some schools have even gone as far as banning them!

Here are 21 examples of times that fidget spinners fell short of all they have been hyped up to be:

  1. They have even taken over the world of reality television

  1. They open the door for opportunities

  1. They are iconic

  1. They are the subject of great debates

  1. They have even made for a suitable black tie accessory

  1. They replace texting and driving

  1. Even Kim Kardashian has cashed in on the trend

  1. They run?

  1. They encourage us to reflect upon our own childhood

  1. They help people fish

  1. There are variations for everyone

  1. They reframe the way in which we view the galaxy

  1. They have their own ‘holiday’

  1. They ruin concerts

  1. They… What?!?!

  1. They have become the ‘toy of the summer’

  1. They inspire us to invest

  1. They can get pregnant?

  1. They cause problems within relationships

  1. They come in a furry variation

  1. They cause people to act without thinking, sometimes doing questionable things