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Most of the time it seems like parents are pretty boring but on occasion, they do things like this and boy is it hilarious! We are already aware that putting our selfies out there is risky but who knew it could be this risky?

These parents are doing a pretty awesome job of mocking their children. This is definitely proof you should always be careful with what you post online. Enjoy!

1. Minus the facial hair, this dad was spot on!

2.Floor action, anyone?

3. But who did it better?

4. Classy pops.

5. He is killin’ it!

6. Now, who’s the prettier lady?

7. Get em, dad!

8. Who looks best?

9. That knife tattoo is on point!

10.  I have no words.

11. Potential nip slip there daddy-o?

12. That shirt though.

13. Muah!

14. YES!

15. Work it, dad!

16. That belly tattoo though.



18. If you weren’t already rolling this one takes the cake. 

19. Glasses on fleek!

20. Makeup skills on point.

21. Whose ‘tattoo’ is better?

22. Beautiful!

23. More, please.

24. YES!

25. BREAD.