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Life is too short. We need to stop focusing on the wrong things and take hold of the right things.

You need to find your own happiness and stop depending on others for it. You are amazing! Stop doing the things below if you haven’t already, they are just ways in which the world holds you back!

1. Stop letting the wrong people in.

2. Stop running from your problems! You need to be facing them head on.

3. Stop lying to yourself.

4. Put yourself first!

5. Don’t let others walk all over you.

6. Stop trying to be someone that you are not. You are perfect as you are.

7. Stop holding onto the past. You need to move on!

8. Stop being so afraid of everything.

9. Stop overthinking and just do it!

10. Stop setting yourself up for failure.

11. Stop making yourself feel bad over mistakes from the past.

12. Stop forcing yourself into the status quo.

13. Stop trying to buy happiness.

14. Stop looking for happiness in other people.

15. Stop ‘just existing.’

16. Stop thinking you are not ready when you are.

17. Stop staying in your comfort zone.

18. Stop doing things for the wrong reasons.

19. Stop rejecting new relationships.

20. Stop thinking about your past relationships.

21. Stop competing with the world. You are more than capable of doing what you need to do and that is plenty.

22. Stop letting jealousy get the best of you.

23. Stop complaining.

24. Stop feeling sorry for yourself.

25. Stop holding grudges against others.

26. Stop letting people get you down.

27. Stop wasting your time explaining yourself to others.

28. Stop overworking yourself.

29. Stop going so fast, seek out the beauty in small moments.

30. Stop striving for perfect, no one is perfect.

31. Stop taking the easy way out.

32. Stop blaming yourself for everyone else’s problems.

33. Stop lying about being okay.

34. Stop blaming others for your own mistakes.

35. Stop trying so hard.

36. Stop worrying so much.

You are fantastic no matter what you are going through. You are more than enough for any person and whoever you end up with is lucky to have you. Don’t let the world bring you down. Reflect on this and take the time to make the most out of every single day ahead of you.