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Anxiety can be damning, to say the least. Some people are content taking antidepressants and others seek treatment elsewhere.

For some people witchcraft is how they relieve themselves of their pain and anxious feelings, NO I’m not talking about worshipping the devil, however, if that helps you, by all means, go for it. Here are the best things you can do when it comes to witchcraft to keep your anxiety away.

Crystal Therapy

Invest in a few nice chunks of different stones and crystals. For those of you who are not aware, each one has a different effect on us. Lavender quartz, for example, has stress reducing qualities. Keep a few of these crystals around you in general and especially when you meditate. Moonstone is also another good stone to have as it promotes inner peace.


Yes, I know not quite witchcraft depending on how you look at it and what your views are, though it is something a witch would do. Some people even use scrying mirrors to focus better when meditating. Almost every single time you meditate you will end up feeling less anxious.


Use spells that focus on strength and self-worth. You see, anxiety comes from somewhere inside you in which you feel like you are not good enough or incapable of handling the situation at hand. Orange candles can be beneficial as well. Perhaps try something that you can incorporate a Carnelian stone into.

Somatic and Breathing Energy

Working with these things will help reduce your anxiety dramatically. Somatic experiencing is not something easily explained so if you want to know more on that please click here.


Create a small poppet and force your pain and anxiety into it. Place the poppet outside and allow it to decompose naturally so that the energy will be released back into the world.

If you’re having trouble keeping your anxiety under control maybe give some of these things a try. They can make a huge difference in your life in a positive way. I for one would not go anywhere without my moonstone.