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Shakespeare once said, “The fool doth think he is wise, but the wise man knows himself to be a fool.” While those lacking in intellect believe that they are leading the pack, seeing themselves as smarter than everyone else. Meanwhile, those blessed with intelligence often sell themselves short, held back only by their own limiting beliefs.

Here Are 6 Signs That You May Possess an Extremely High IQ:

  1. You are a Comedian: In order to be successful as a comedian, you need to understand and read social behaviors and connect with your audience on a higher emotional level. This degree of intuition is indicative of a higher intelligence.


  1. You are Introverted: You don’t waste your time focusing on the fast pace of the crowds around you. Instead, you focus your attention on those things that you deem to be important. Highly in tune with your priorities, which results in developing a higher emotional intelligence than those that focus outwardly.


  1. You Are Messy: While some may believe that a messy desk is a negative sign, expert say that it is exactly the opposite. Those with a messy desk are often skilled at focusing and thinking more clearly. Einstein was known for his messy desk!


  1. You’re a Night Owl: Researchers have found that people who stay up later tend to have a higher IQ than those who don’t. This is a theory that dates back hundreds of years to the times when wise men would stay up late to map the constellations and study the stars.


  1. You Possess a High Level of Empathy: The gift of empathy is one that is not readily possessed by just anyone. It required a great deal of wisdom and self-knowledge in order to find yourself in tune with this trait.


  1. You Swear A Lot: Experts have found that those who swear a lot don’t do so due to a lower vocabulary, but rather due to having a larger vocabulary and a higher level of confidence in their ability to articulate themselves.


  1. You Are Open-Minded: By staying open-minded you leave yourself receptive and accepting of new fact and information on a daily basis. This allows you to continue to learn and develop each day.