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It is obvious to anyone that has ever done yoga how erotic many of the poses appear to be. However, while these positions may only ‘seem’ to scream sex, many of them actually double as a sexual position that will blow your mind!

The wonderful part about this is that not only can you use these positions privately to build muscle and tone your body, they can also help you to become more flexible. And during sex, who couldn’t use a little more flexibility? Then, when you have sex, later on, you can show off your new moves and try an EXPONENTIALLY more orgasmic position than anything else you have ever tried. So, where can we sign up?

The Bridge Position

Lay on your back and move your feet apart enough to match the width of your hips and life your butt off the mat or bed until your knees and hips line up. Push your shoulders together, and keep them on the ground while you lace your fingers.

Downward Dog

Talk about giving a whole new meaning to doggy style, as this position may replace it. Hold your hands on the floor, shoulder-width apart while your feet are hips width apart. Use your hands to push you buttocks into the air, as you create and upside down V with your body.

Standing Straddle Forward Bend

Line your four arms up with your calves, separate your legs about a yard, and hold onto your ankles with your hands. 

Happy Baby

Pull your legs up into the air, and then drop them, with your knees aligned with your sides. You should be on your back. Hold onto the bottoms of the feet. You are doing this properly if you appear to be preparing to give birth.

The Plow Pose (Who would’ve guessed?)

Lie on your back, and bend your knees in towards your chest. Straighten the legs and make them perpendicular to the bed. Hold your torso and legs up with your abs and shoulders.

Cobra Pose

Lay on your belly and plant your palms beneath your shoulders. Inhale to lift your chin and chest and you push your hips and lower body into the floor.

And if you still can’t get enough, watch the following video containing 10 total poses for an extremely tantric sexual experience.