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Emotional cheating is a very real issue and in many ways, it is much worse than physical cheating. There is no excuse for this kind of thing and we should not overlook it.

When someone cheats on us whether it is physical or emotional, it takes a very big toll on us as a whole. It ruins the relationship and completely crushes your trust. This is something that will sting no matter how much time goes by. While it is harder to catch someone in the act of emotional cheating there are still signs to look for that can make it easier.

Emotional cheating for those who live under a rock is cheating in the sense that your partner is engaging in high levels of non-sexual emotional intimacy with someone who is not their family or within the range of friends found acceptable. It is a bond that mimics that of an intimate relationship all the while not being the relationship that person is in. When it comes to this sort of thing you should not let your partner keep you in the dark be on the lookout for the following signs.

1. He is very defensive

When your partner has something to hide a lot of the time he will be very defensive. If you ask about something and he flies off the handle then something is very wrong.

2. He is very irritable

Your partner is always upset with you even when you have done nothing wrong. It feels like you are in a relationship with yourself because you are never together.

3. You are the only one emotionally invested in the relationship

Your partner is not putting in any effort. You are giving your all and nothing you do seems to help.

4. Your gut is telling you something is wrong

Trust your instincts you have them for a reason!

5. He is more protective of their cell phone and other electronics

In the past, your partner did not mind you sneaking a peek at his phone but now you can’t even glance at the screen. Your partner makes sure you do not have access to anything you might be able to go through.

6. You do not spend time together anymore

Your partner is always off doing things on his own or out with ‘friends.’ When you do see each other it seems like all you do is argue and fight. There is no more fun in the relationship and the atmosphere itself is thick and coarse.

7. Your partner refuses to bring you around the friends he or she is hanging out with

This is because your relationship will drag down the intimacy of the friendship he is taking part in. When it comes to what they have there is no place for you.

Have you every been emotionally cheated on and how did it make you feel? Emotional cheating is just as serious as physical cheating, please do not let anyone tell you otherwise. You are important and your emotional wellbeing is worth so much more than a bullshit dead end relationship. Be with someone who cares!