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Lightworkers are those who do what they can to help the planet. These people have an overwhelming energy that can be used for healing purposes.

These people have been awakened specifically to heal the world in which we live. These people are compelled to share their desires with others and will stop at nothing to reach their goals. Do you love this planet and want to do everything you can for it? If you answered yes you might just be a lightworker yourself check for the following signs and go from there.

8 Signs that you are a lightworker:

1. You do not mind being alone.

2. You find peace when you are out in nature thinking.

3. You feel as if you are united with the universe.

4. You tend to go against those with authority.

5. You feel like you do not fit into the status quo.

6. You have a deep respect for all forms of life.

7. You are always ready to help others.

8. You never think of yourself first.

If this sounds like you then helping the planet is your calling. You need to get out there and do what you feel you need to do. The world is waiting for you, find others like yourself and start getting things done. You are one of the great keepers of this planet and the Earth needs you. You were born to achieve a greater purpose. Do not stop until you are where you need to be.

You are a lightworker and your life will never feel complete unless you are taking steps to make this world better. What is your passion? Your help is important no matter how big or small what you do is. Every effort counts.