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Shamans were known for natural medicine, folk magick, and their controversial healing ceremonies. Despite shamanism being an older concept, a movement continues to this day to keep it alive.

Furthermore, many believe that many of us are natural shamans and that lies within us is an inner shaman just waiting to be awakened. And if you are one, there are a number of signs that will give it away.

1. You Have Always Been Different

Throughout your whole life, you have always been different. And as you age, so too has your potential for weirdness.

2. You Have Prophetic Dreams

You find yourself having vivid dreams and then notice that they come true.

3. You Are Drawn to Nature

You find comfort in nature unlike you do anywhere else. It has a grounding effect for you.

4. Animals Are Drawn to You

While they may not have been in the past, suddenly animals are drawn to you.

5. Your Intuition is On Point

You just know how to handle everything, and your intuition guides you in a positive direction.

6. You Have Vision

Even if you have never been able to see the big picture before, suddenly, you see it.

7. You Enjoy the Simple Things

Simplicity is calling your name, and you need it.

8. You Have a Knack for Natural

You know your natural cures, animals, etc. You are in sync with nature.