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Relationships require a lot of hard work, oftentimes one person ends up putting in all the work while the other does nothing. This can and is a huge issue.

The amount of effort coming from both sides can either make or break a relationship. You are both going to go through a ton of rough patches and you have to make it through together. No relationship is perfect. We have all been taught to make the best of those bad days and hope for the best.

That being said sometimes things are bad, really bad to the point of needed to part ways. Not every relationship is worth saving. You have to learn how to pinpoint these relationships early on if you want to save yourself emotional damage. If you would be better off taking the high road then do it!

There is no point in staying in a relationship that is going nowhere. You should not be forced to stay with someone who is not putting in an effort or even someone who has become toxic to you. If you think you may be in a relationship that you need to get out of check below to see if you have noticed any of the signs and if you have, get out while you still can!

Signs it is time to end the relationship:

1. You have trouble communicating.

He doesn’t listen to you like he did in the beginning. Now when you try to talk he ignores you or gets mad because you’re ‘making a big deal out of nothing.’

2. You are no longer happy in your relationship.

If you aren’t happy then what’s the point? You should be with someone who makes sure that you are happy not someone who constantly brings you down.

3. Your relationship has more bad days than good days.

As I mentioned above, no relationship is perfect. However, the good should outweigh the bad, if it doesn’t there is something wrong.

4. Your partner is a bad influence on you.

If you think you are doing or becoming something that is not like who you truly get out. You should be with someone who doesn’t push bad habits on you and someone who loves you for who you are.

5. You prefer to be away from you partner as much as possible.

You dread the time that you two spend together because of how fight filled and frustrating it is now. There is something wrong and you are aware the connection you two had is dying.

6. You are often forced to defend your partner and their actions.

Your friends and family are the first to notice. You have to justify his actions or lack thereof to everyone. Making excuses for his shortcomings will not get you anywhere.

7. You feel as if your partner does not support your goals.

You should always be supporting one another. If your partner is not on the same page as you then you need out. He needs to be willing to do whatever it takes to make your dreams come true.

8. You find comfort elsewhere.

You are able to relax and feel more content when he is not around. No, I’m not talking about cheating I am talking about finding comfort in the small things that have nothing to do with him. He is no longer able to make you feel loved and safe.

There is no sense in staying in a relationship that no longer has any sort of flame. You deserve to be happy and feel loved. If you two are ready to part ways make it happen. Stop holding on to something that is nothing.