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We all get a little uneasy when it comes to even thinking about psychopaths. People detached from human emotion manipulating people around them, no thanks!

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There are tons of psychopaths living in this world unnoticed, sure not all of them are murderers or criminals but that doesn’t make them not a psychopath. If you know someone who meets the following criteria chances are they are a psychopath.

8 Most Accurate Signs That Someone Has Psychopathic Tendencies:

1. They do not feel guilt.

When we hurt someone we usually feel guilty about it. A psychopath will not feel guilt.

2. They do not feel empathy.

We as humans are usually very empathetic towards others. The psychopath will not be. They cannot understand and do not care to the emotions of others.

3. They love to make people feel guilty.

They pick up a lot of small things about everyone in their lives. They use this sort of thing to get in your trust. They use your vulnerabilities to gain control over you. One of their favorite things to do is guilt someone and then cashes in a favor.

4. They only value themselves.

No one else matters to them but themselves and their well being.

5. They think they are better than everyone else.

They feel superior to everyone they encounter. This is how they are able to dodge guilt and things of the sort, the common person is only here for their amusement.

6. They are liars.

They lie all the time even when it is not something that will benefit them. This gives them a false sense of power.

7. They have appealing personalities.

Psychopaths are often people who like. They are approachable and friendly, not how they are portrayed in movies.

8. They do not take responsibility for their actions.

No matter what they do it is never their fault anything ever gets put back on them.

Keep in mind a person does not have to have all of these traits to have psychopathic tendencies. One or two is more than enough. It seems there are a lot more psychopaths out there in this world than we would like to believe.

Article Inspired By Empower Her.