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Empaths are highly spiritual beings, and what does every spiritual being need in their home? Well, crystals of course! Certain crystals and stones carry immense amounts of energy and can be great to have in our homes!

Empaths are very spiritually in touch people. They have natural healing powers that were given to them from the cosmos. Empaths are extremely susceptible to energy and can be heavily influenced by it. Negative energy really takes a toll on them, both physically and mentally. An empath needs to be surrounded by positive energy, radiating good vibrations and positive outlooks on life. Here are the 9 crystals every empath needs to have in their home!


Bering a stone of protection, amethyst enhances spiritual awareness and attracts positive vibes.

Blue Topaz

Blue topaz is a gorgeous stone that helps an empath think clearly. It can also increase your level of communication, helping others better understand you.


Fossils carry lots of historic energy that can be very revitalizing in the modern day era. Fossils keep an empath grounded and strong.


Jade is the stone of lovers. It helps balance out opposing energies of partners. It also prevents personal harm from lovers quarrels.

Lapiz Lazuli

This is also a stone of protection. It carries a heavy influence on spiritual growth, making you remain objective and not take actions of others personally.


Turquoise is an extremely anti negative stone. It dispels negative energy from your space and creates a bond between the body and energetic field.


Unakite is a gorgeous deep purple and green stone that helps balance out emotions and bring your spirit closer.


Zoisite is an uncommonly known crystal. It [promotes individuality, creativity, and connectedness to others.

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz crystal helps you cultivate love in your life. it is a stone of unconditional love that encourages you to forgive others. It opens up the energy of your heart and allows it to flow freely throughout yourself.