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Synchronicity is essentially the concept of meaningful coincidences. These are things we cannot explain and they can happen at any moment, as much or as little as the Universe would like.

For the most part, we often see these coincidences as a reassurance from the Universe that we are aligned with the path we need to be on. They seem to defy a natural explanation because of how impeccable their timing is and how they coincide perfectly with other aspects of our lives. That being said we often overlook some of the more common synchronicities.

The most common synchronicities that we over look will be listed below. If you take the time to pay close attention to these things throughout your day you will notice just how frequent they really are. These things are our spirit guides way of letting us know he or she is still there and that we are doing good in this life.

1. Thinking of someone and then them contacting you almost within seconds.

This is something that happens to me all the time. When we are as in tune with the world as we should be we are able to tap into the thoughts and intentions of other people. You see the number of minds that exist in the Universe is one.

2. Randomly meeting someone who is able to help you through a challenge.

The Universe brings what we need to us, people included.

3. Receiving a gift you have been wanting at random.

Regardless of what it is if you haven’t told anyone about wanting it and somehow a friend or family member brings it right to you the Universe is at work. They may say something like ‘this made me think of you.’

4. Outrageously good timing.

Going through every green light on the way to work or things of that sort do not happen often. When they do, it can make your day a whole lot better. Do you ever feel like the timing could not be more perfect?

5. Answers coming out of thin air.

Maybe you have been waiting for an answer of some kind and yet for some reason, it just comes to you out of the blue. This could be in regards to where you should go in life or even whether or not you should buy a new toaster oven.

6. Hearing the song you wanted to hear on the radio after thinking about it.

Maybe you’ve had a terrible day and decide to turn on the radio only to find your favorite song beginning.

7. Seeing repeating numbers like 1111 or 222.

Repeating numbers is the most common synchronicity of all. Some people even believe that each one means something different, that the repeating numbers mean something in themselves.

8. You forget your wallet at home and someone offers to buy you lunch without even knowing.

The Universe provides for us in mysterious ways. Even when we don’t realize it our spirit guides are looking out for us.

9. Someone unexpected comes back into your life at the best time.

Maybe you parted ways with someone because the timing was wrong and they just so happen to come back at the perfect time.

The next time you go through a lucky encounter stop and thank the Universe for providing for you and taking care of your wants and needs. If you are doing well your spirit guides will stop to let you know. Take the time to listen the next time they come talking to you.