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Every woman has her own definition of success. But there are a few traits that successful women share that could help you in accomplishing your own career goals.

While I am typically not a fan of labeling or stereotyping, I have notice that women professionals and entrepreneurs have picked up some terrible habits along the way that are impeding their success.

Even if you are not a woman, please take the time to read these and use them as a guide to get you started on the right path.

  1. Never say “sorry”

Too many women are constantly saying sorry, and most of the time for things that they have no reason to be sorry for. If you mess up acknowledge it and make it right; unless you have done another person wrong (and are actually sorry about it) don’t say it.

  1. Understand the Next Right Move

Forget about trying to accomplish what other think that you should, follow your heart and intuition instead and you will go a lot further in life.

  1. Promote Yourself

Many women are afraid to own what they do or promote their efforts and products because they do not want to be seen as “promotional”. If you are not willing to advocate on your own behalf, how do you expect someone else to? OWN what YOU do.

  1. Leave Negative, Irrelevant Information Behind

What good does it do to feel bad about yourself for the way you look, or something that you have done? None. People usually have no focus on what you are wearing unless you point it out. If you are feeling bad about yourself, stop. If you can’t stop, keep it to yourself!

  1. Get out of your Bubble

While you may feel comfortable doing all of the things you normally do, you need to get out and network with people that will get you to the next level. Go outside of your comfort zone, approach and mingle with people who are where you want to be and let that inspire you to move up to the next level.

  1. Overlook Limitations

Women must be persistent when attempting to achieve success. They must reach out and grab the opportunities that come along. There’s no shame in doing so…men have been doing it for countless years.

  1. Do more than your role requires… and then some

If you want to experience an upward progression in your career, you would need to deliver more than is required of you consistently. As mentioned in rule two, every job is a problem that needs solving so the quickest way to get promoted is to solve the problem you were hired to do then seek bigger problems from your superiors to solve.

  1. Just Say NO

You are not superwoman and you cannot do everything; you certainly cannot do everything for others without paying attention to your own needs. You can say no. You also do not have to say anything else. There is no need for an explanation on why you can or can’t do something.

  1. Think Big

Push your boundaries, challenge yourself to think bigger. Women are not as successful as men in their careers and as entrepreneurs not because of some grand scheme or rigged system, but because often times women hold themselves back from going big. Why no push yourself? It is okay to take calculated risks. If you don’t fail at least part of the time, you are not pushing yourself.