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Narcissists are awful. They are demeaning, angry, and abusive. No one should ever have to deal with one.

A Narcissist is someone who doesn’t give a shit about boundaries and will do whatever they want. They will go above and beyond just to make sure they take away your dignity. Being with a narcissist means being with someone who will psychologically, emotionally, and in some cases physically abuse you.

These people are skilled at tearing down those who care about them and they pride themselves on their ability to make a person completely vulnerable. Narcissists live in a completely fabricated world in which everything revolves around them. They will force you into letting them control you one way or another.

If you are dealing with someone who manipulates and controls you then you are not alone, as there are tons of people in this world just like you. If you are feeling hopeless or confused just know that you will get through this. Narcissists are people who do their best to make sure you are co-dependent on them which is why it is so hard to leave them but when you do you will find that things are so much better without them.

Ending a relationship with a narcissist is terrifying but necessary. It will be filled with hate and destruction but you will make it through it. Once you have gotten away from your abuser things won’t go back to normal right away you, and you will have to work through your issues.

You will need to work hard to get rid of all the negative shit your abuser has conditioned you to believe about yourself. You can do it! You just have to purge your mind of the negativity. The road to recovery is a hard one but it is so worth it. You are not the person to blame in this, you loved someone and there is nothing wrong with that.

The narcissist is someone who did not love you no matter how much you wanted them to. You deserve better. Yes, you are damaged but there is nothing wrong with carrying baggage. You will find someone who loves you unconditionally with all your faults despite your past. Do not accept abuse, know your worth.