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The year 2016 was one of negative energy – a time where we met with conflict, battling through the challenges and tribulations that the came with the planetary energy at the time. Moving into 2017 we have seen a significant change, bringing a time of change and rejuvenation, a fresh start for anyone that is willing to accept and embrace it.

The month of August, specifically, represents inspiration, learning, and creation. We will experience eclipses in both Leo and Aquarius, inspiring not only ideas of change in our lives, but the necessary activism required to put these thoughts into motion. The energy flowing during this month will motivate us to act on these thoughts, starting off calm but moving into a warm, intense, positive energy that will remain in the air throughout the course of the month.

As Venus moves in Cancer, and Mercury in Virgo a deep, empathic, reserved way of thinking will take over our lives. During this time, we will find ourselves feeling calm, yet motivated, rationally deciding on the moves that we will make as the month progresses. This planning will be further motivated by the relaxed and calming influence of Sun and Mars in Leo.

As Leo squares Scorpio, we will experience the opposite of darkness, a warmth and pleasant energy that will leave us feeling grounded and empowered. Don’t pass up this opportunity to view and assess your life and the world around you with a clear, calm and positive way of thinking, as there will be a short-lived shift in that energy as Jupiter square Pluto peaks, drawing out the darker truth of life as we know it. This will then pass with the coming of the Full Moon eclipse in Leo and Aquarius.

Following this first eclipse, there will be a week of empathy and focus on your personal health. Take the time to assess your fitness and nutrition goals, and how they will work towards optimizing your personal health. If you are looking to set new goals in this area, this is the time to focus on them! As Venus in Cancer trines Neptune in Pisces you will move into a period of love and spiritual empowerment. This will result in a week of kindness and happiness that will bring a smile to the faces of everyone you encounter.

A final, extremely short period of darkness will strike as Jupiter square Pluto, ending with a shift into the brightest light and innocent that you will feel throughout the course of the month. This final change into innocence and happiness is not one that will be missed as it will be a dramatic energy shift.

With the coming of the New Moon on August 21st, there will be a surge in inspiration among the more creative members of society. Thinkers, artists, musicians, activists, and writers should embrace this energy, allowing the electric nature of this energy to move them forward in their artistic endeavors.

This inspirational spark will culminate as the eclipse trine Uranus. Be cautious, however, as this peaks there is the chance that it will become volatile as Venus leaves Cancer, squaring Uranus. Don’t make any rash, impulsive decisions during this time, instead, take the time to think through your decisions carefully.