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When I was younger my favorite thing to do was go to the mall, because when I was there my mom would always let me get a cup of Dippin’ Dots, aka the ice cream of the future.

But what if I told you that you can make your favorite childhood treat into an alcoholic adult treat!? BEST. IDEA. EVER

What is is about getting older that makes you want to put alcohol in EVERYTHING? This is where the Drinkin’ Dots come in… If you haven’t indulged your inner kid in a while, you’re in luck: The latest version of Dippin’ Dots has booze in it, making it the easy choice for all us mature grown-ass gals. Say hello to… *drumroll please*…

Alcoholic Dippin’ Dots baby.

Brennan Adams, beverage manager for a bar in Washington D.C., was the creative genius behind the idea. Originally, he coined the idea “Drinkin’ Dots,” but Dippin’ Dots threatened to sue so he changed the name to “Cry-Spheres.”

You could, of course, go to Washington and purchase the treat, but you can also make them at home! However, you will need thick rubber gloves and eye protection.