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The life of an Empath is intense, and very emotional. Empaths have many special abilities. In fact, if you’re an Empath you might not have known that you had these 4 super abilities!

Empaths have abilities that most people do not. Technically, an Empath is someone with paranormal ability to apprehend the mental state of another individual’s. The word Empath is a derivative from the word empathy. They have certain abilities that help them understand other people’s emotions.

Empaths can read your emotions even when you’re trying to hide them. If you have a loved one that is an empath you will probably notice this. Although this might be a little annoying, it is extremely helpful. They are great to talk to about your feelings, and are great at giving advice. If you are an empath your friends probably come to you for advice all the time. You might also not be aware of these 4 super abilities you have!

Astral Projection

Empaths possess the ability to astral project. This is the ability to project one’s conscious self to be in a position outside of their body. It is also referred to by the literature as an out-of-body experience (OBE). Experiencers of this psychic phenomenon report seeing their body on an operating table and watching events unfold as medical technicians work to revive them. To the professionals amazement, the patients were able to describe everything – even in medical terms.

Aura Reading

Empaths are excellent at reading auras. This  gives them the ability to read whether or not the vibe a person gives off is good or bad. They have the ability to read when people are in discomfort, or are having bad intentions.


Empaths are amazing at channeling energy. It take over the vocal chords of the psychic. People who have this ability are called “mediums” because they serve as a medium, or vessel, for communication to take place with the invisible entity.

Animal telepathy

This gives the empath the ability to communicate with animals. Now of course people and humans can’t have full conversations, but empaths are able to communicate with animals through emotions. They can recognize when animals are in discomfort and need attention.