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Sociopaths and narcissists are not smarter than empaths, while tons of people may assume they are, THEY ARE NOT. Empaths are without a doubt superior when it comes to being grounded in reality and able to achieve what they need to overall.

You see, when you really get to thinking about it Narcissists and sociopaths are lacking when it comes to thinking abstractly and being creative as well as being able to grasp reality properly. They are a mess. When aware of the situation empaths actually are capable of manipulating and even exploiting the narcissist way worse than you’d be able to imagine.

While they most likely wouldn’t do this, they could. Empaths often would choose not to do such a thing because they have morals and values, they are always being the bigger person. When it comes to hurting people, they would rather not. By utilizing nonviolent strategies one could counter-manipulate a narcissist into moving on. No one should feel guilty about counter-manipulating someone to get them to stop abusing them. This is self-care and can be highly effective without causing more issues.

If you are enlightened there is nothing you can’t do. These abusers only see what they want while you see things for how they are. We are capable of great things.

You are smarter than your abuser and you can get through this. The educated empath will take down a sociopath or a narcissist with ease. Stay strong and remember when in doubt use your brain to get out. Check out the video below on how to counter-manipulate a sociopath.