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Instagram has quickly become the go to spot to discover the latest in beauty trends and movements. Bloggers and Vloggers have taken to the social media platform as a quick way of showing their favorite products and styles with their followers, reaching beauty and fashion lovers the world over.

We’ve seen a number of crazy, bizarre and unique trends sweep Instagram, from chrome nails to cut creases, microblading to ombre lips. There is no arguing that Instagram played an important role in the world of beauty this year. However, just went you thought the trends couldn’t get any crazier, the newest trend swept social media… Squiggle Brows.

Squiggle Brows, or Wiggle Brows, involve shaping your eyebrows into a squiggle formation, covering up the remaining eyebrow with concealer and/or powder. Instagram model, vlogger, and makeup artist Promise Tamang has been credited with first bringing this trend to the beauty world, stating that she saw a photo where someone had photoshopped the look and wanted to try to style it herself.

She explained that she used washable PVA glue in order to flatten all of her brow hair in one direction, creating a smooth surface to work on. She then applied concealer to the hair, ensuring that it was fully covered, and followed it with setting and pressed powders. This left her looking as though she had no eyebrows at all. She then used black gel liner mixed with brow pomade, drawing the unique brows with their fun shape.

While Tamang’s brows were temporary, easily allowing her to return to her regular eyebrows should she decide to do so, others have opted for a longer-term approach, choosing to have their eyebrows threaded to create the signature squiggly look.

This isn’t the first time we have seen the eyebrows approached in a unique and creative way. The world of beauty has previously been rocked by bleached brows, feathered brows, rainbow brows, barbed wire brows, carved brows, glitter brows and blinged-out brows. This may, however, have just topped the list on the unique factor!

Only one question remains: Are you embracing the squiggle brow?