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The word ‘empath’ has become somewhat of a buzz word on social media recently, appearing in an increasing number of posts and articles. Writers focus on what type of empath people are, how they can improve upon their empathic abilities and the negative sides of being an empath. The question remains, however, what is an empath and how do you know if you possess these abilities?

Empathic people are high in tune to the energies of those around them, absorbing and feeling their emotions and even physical manifestations of their energy. This is not often a conscious attempt, but rather an unconscious act that can be difficult to recognize and understand early on. Empaths are often overwhelmed, especially before they are aware of what they are experiencing. This leaves them subject to panic attacks, depression, and chronic fatigue and leads many to addiction in an attempt to self-medicate with food, sex, alcohol or drugs.

This makes it more important than ever for empaths to identify their gifts so that they can learn the techniques to center themselves. With awareness and the proper tools to use their gift for the betterment of those that they encounter, empaths can be compared to superheroes in our modern society!


Do you believe you may possess empathic abilities? Watch for these 9 signs:

  1. You Often Know How Things Will Work Out in Advance

When faced with a situation, you often somehow ‘just know’ how it is all going to work out before anything ever happens. You instinctually know whether it will work out or not.


  1. You Easily Connect with People

While some people may find it difficult to connect with others, especially strangers, you find that it is incredibly easy and seems to ‘just happen’ more often than not. You find yourself drawn to the positive people that you encounter; however, you also sense when someone is negative and not someone you want to welcome into your life.


  1. You Easily Detect Liars

While others only hear the words that someone speaks, you are also able to sense the underlying energy behind someone’s message. For this reason, you are able to understand the real motivation behind their words and can detect if someone is lying to you easily.


  1. You Often Find Relationships Overwhelming

You are easily overwhelmed by the relationships in your life including friendships and romantic relationships. This is due to the fact that you not only connect on the surface level like everyone else, but you immediately experience the deeper connection of your energies and find yourself afraid of losing your own identity.


  1. You Experience Precognitive Dreams

Precognitive dreams are specific, detailed dreams that end up coming true. They are a glimpse into the future in such detail that it is hard to explain them away as a mere coincidence.


  1. You Are a High Achiever

While others around you may constantly be struggling to work towards their goals and dreams, your connection with the energies of the university allows you to accomplish these things relatively easy in comparison.


  1. Even the Quietest of Rooms are Noisy

Due to the fact you automatically sense and connect with the energies of those around you, you could be sitting in a room where no one is saying a word, surrounded in complete silence, and still feel as though you are in the middle of a loud, bustling area.


  1. Your Gut Regularly Warns You About Bad Situations

When you walk into a situation you instinctually know that there is something wrong, even though you can’t necessarily point to why. Those with empathic abilities are able to pick up on the negative energies surrounding a bad situation, alerting them to these energies long before they are able to fully assess what is actually happening.


  1. You Find Yourself Exhausted in Large Groups

Connecting with and feeling the energies and emotions of everyone around you can be exhausting, especially in larger groups of people. After time out in public, you find that you require your alone time to rest and recoup, it’s not just that you are anti-social.