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Love is the ultimate endeavor in our lifetime, and many of us spend our entire lives searching for it. But it is by no means all of the roses and daisies the movies make it out to be.

Love is not a fairy tale, and fairy tale love does not exist. Love is much better and much worse than fairy tale love at the same time. It’s so difficult to explain true love because you just have to feel it to really understand it. We would do anything for our partners; simple tasks, hard ones, we rub their backs, get them drinks, and play with their hair when they ask. Hell, we would even take a bullet for our special other. However, sometimes we would also do anything to get away from them because they can drive you crazy sometimes! Artist Jude Devir created some interesting illustrations about life with his wife.

Jude Devir’s illustrations show the true barons and simplicities of a relationship. Instead of broadcasting unnatural and unrealistic relationship expectations, he will show you what it’s really like. But he never fails to mention how much he loves his wife. His pictures show what life with your wife is truly like, and it’s a bit humorous at that. Although quite comedic, it is true! But, when you’re in love you enjoy your partner’s flaws as much as you do their pros!