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Did you know there was something missing in your life? Chances are there is, based on your birth date if you don’t already have the following in your home you need to make a point to!

Your birth date says a lot about you as a person. It can impact your personality, your future, and well everything. If you want to find out what you need to be keeping in your house look for your birth date below. Everyone’s is different depending on the day of the month they were born.

1st – A Drum (Any kind you’d like doesn’t even have to be real, Just a reminder to always beat to the drum of your heart.)

2nd – Fountain (Something to remind you that the balance and harmony you seek can be found.)

3rd – A whoopee cushion (Strange, I know. But it should serve as a reminder that your sense of humor should not be forgotten.)

4th – Ice cream (This should be a way for you to slow down and relax. Sometimes all you need is to sit and watch television with some ice cream. Not everything has to be so serious.)

5th – A Diary (Sometimes your inner most thoughts don’t need to be shared. You love to talk so try talking to yourself from time to time.)

6th- A body pillow (Sometimes a good night’s sleep cannot be achieved without this. This will bring a strong sense of security to you, give it a try.)

7th – A book of word searches (This will help you to rest your mind when it is needed.)

8th – A hammock (Yes, you can keep these inside and it is pretty awesome. This will be a way for you to unwind when you get home.)

9th – Potted plants (Any kind you want, you love nature and will enjoy taking care of them.)

10th – Coloring books (You used to love coloring when you were younger and you love it now as well, you just aren’t aware yet.)

11th – Crystals (Anything that promotes positive energy and removes the bad will come in handy.)

12th – Your favorite movies (A movie collection will come in handy on those nights when you need to be entertained for once. Don’t always rely on others, people are good at letting others down.)

13th – Painting equipment (Whether you are good at painting or awful you still think it is fun, have a go at painting. We all know how creative you are.)

14th – Chocolates (Keeping your favorite chocolates around for a rainy day can and will serve as the ultimate pick me up.)

15th – A yoga mat (You need to spend time with yourself. You are always helping others that you don’t think your problems through as you should.)

16th – A hot tub (You need this to get through the work week. Spending time with yourself relaxing will make you feel so much better. Soak away the stress, literally.

17th – A self-portrait (You need to see yourself as you think you are each and every day. You know you are a strong woman and that should serve as a reminder.)

18th – A model anything (You have great patience and will enjoy putting this together.)

19th – Stuffed animals (You are never too old for your favorite stuffed animals.)

20th – A magic 8 ball (You are indecisive, to say the least, this could be a game changer.)

21st – Magazines (You never quite got into them growing up but now they are your best friends.)

22nd – Sage (You tend to bring in a lot of negative energy and sometimes something much worse entirely. Having sage sticks on hand will relieve your worries,)

23rd – A Pet (You need a companion. Be it one with or without fur.)

24th – A piggy bank (You need somewhere to put your rainy day fund otherwise you will never start one.)

25th – A globe (This will come in handy when you least expect it and will serve as a reminder that there are many places you need to explore.)

26th – A CD player (For those nights when you want to let loose and jam out to your favorite old songs.)

27th – A sketchpad (You love to draw, you don’t have to show anyone just get those ideas out of your mind and onto paper.)

28th – Exercise equipment (We all know how strong you are on the inside and you should work to be equally as strong on the outside.)

29th – A blanket fort (We all need a blanket fort from time to time.)

30th – A karaoke machine (For those drunken nights at home, why not make them enjoyable?)

31st – A sewing machine (You are creative and can make wonderful things if you take the time to work at it.)