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When we think of abusive relationships our minds often go straight to the obvious physical cases of abuse. The ones where someone has a broken nose or a bloody face but trauma cases are not the only ones that matter.

Physical and mental abuse are both very real and serious issues that people deal with every day. An abusive relationship can be hard to spot even when you are in one. If someone is in love they will put up will all sorts of things without giving it a second thought. The post you will find below comes off of Tumblr and has gotten well over 299k notes. People have been reblogging it even though they know it will make them lose followers.

This is important and everyone needs to see it. Abuse is abuse no matter how you try to justify it. No small amount should be overlooked. Whether the things written below make you uncomfortable or not please read.

What do you think about this? Have you ever been abused in this way and did you leave? How much is too much?