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Cats are amazing at detecting negative spiritual entities. For thousands of years, cats have been believed to ward of these negative entities! If you are experiencing some spooky stuff around the house it might be time for a feline friend.

Cats have been praised for their spiritual awareness for thousands of years. In ancient Egypt, cats were held in the highest esteem. There were even severe consequences for those who ever performed a wrongdoing to a cat. In fact, some Egyptian Goddess’s were even thought to be half feline! Although thousands of years ago they were praised, in the modern world cats are often thought to be mediums for bad luck. This is mostly said about black cats with yellow eyes, but this is simply a myth! Cats are strong warriors, and they are great for your household.
Ancient wise tales say that the rays of the sun are stored in the eyes of a feline, and I can definitely see why. Cats often find evil spirits in your house. The cat will ascertain its evil intentions and extract it from the house entirely. Cats are believed to have extreme astral abilities, thus giving it the ability to rid ghosts from your home. Each different color combination of a cat is thought to be a symbol of that specific cat’s abilities. Each cat carrying its own traits and abilities, here are the different colors and astral traits of cats.

Black: witchcraft, occult powers, protection, deep magic! Despite all the superstitions, the beasts of color take negative energy is removed from the trouble of households, grant wisdom and discernment!

Red: the classic witches moon, full of male power, the power of the sun, Yang energy. No matter of the cat sex, the representatives of this color are the magic of wealth, money, focus.

Blue (gray, smoky gray): Cats of this color bring love, happiness, good luck, as well as emotional stability and sensual peace!

White: cat-and-sorcerers create lunar magic, have powerful healing powers! Give people a sense of beauty and admiration, relieve stress, give out healing and recharging energy! In America, considered a good omen.

Colorpoint (Siamese): the royal color! Cats with the color of diluted Siamese temples, jealously guarding the purity of the color. Cats of this color bring fame and success, longevity, help in the solar magic, Yan energy!

Calico (Three-colored) : Cat supreme goddess. The classic three-color combination white color varieties (maiden), red (parent: the mother and father), deep black -color magic! This color is associated with the triple goddess. Calico cats are good luck and on land and at sea, keep home and family from harm, are happiness and prosperity!

Two-tone (black-and-white, orange-white, gray and white): according to legend, two-colored cats best Mouser and very friendly. Allow the energy of wisdom, understanding and common sense!

Tortoiseshell: Women’s magic, because this color pattern is inherited only by females. Children, pure magic, the giver of clairvoyance, healing.

Golden, golden brown (like the Abyssinian): revered temple cat, playful, wise, regal, which bestows grace, helps to master the age-old wisdom, solar magic.

Tabby (striped): smiling Cheshire cat, which bestows good luck, light, cheerful attitude to the situation, even the most critical, energizing humor and fun!