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Technology never ceases to amaze me, but this new hair dye is awesome! It changes colors from moment to moment!

A type of t-shirt material was a huge trend in the 90’s, and it looks like it has taken on a hair form. The shirt was called a hypercolor t-shirt. It was dyed with a regular dye and a thermochromic dye. A thermochromic dye uses heat to change the appearance of the shirt. It is super cool, and I personally wish they were still in style!

However the t-shirts are long gone, this new hair dye fills its place perfectly! The hair dye changes hues based on temperature fluctuation. It is called FIRE! A slight breeze of wind can completely change your hair color! 

With just a breeze of air, hair can move from scarlet red to pastel blonde to raven black, and back again. This is like nothing you have ever seen before! While this may seem life magic, it is just a bit of science.

THEUNSEEN_FIRE_4 from T H E U N S E E N on Vimeo.