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Conscious sex is an entirely different view on the sexual experience that sees sexuality as a holistic experience rather than just a physical or emotional one. By understanding that sexual energy is the most powerful due to its ability to create life, you can better understand the importance of a spiritual sexual endeavor.

A sexual encounter is not just something to do to experience pleasure, instead, it can be a deep and soulful merging between two people. However, in order for one to obtain the maximum benefit from a more soulful approach to sex, you must first surrender. During the moments that you are sharing yourself with another, you must completely be present. You can’t drift off to neverland and achieve the maximum benefits of a soulful connection. No, each time you feel your mind even barely pulling away from the present moment, you must pull yourself back.

In order to achieve a more mindful experience through sex, you must first claim your erotic self. Then you will be able to begin mindfully channeling your sexual energy.

Sex is a vital force, a force that should be understood, and dealt with, yet so many people avoid dealing with it in an effective manner. They continue to run from any true, and passionate encounter with another or become frustrated with it. No matter which way you go, neither of these directions will bring you satisfaction.

Instead, you must put yourself out there. Surrender to the passion, to the pleasure, and to the other person. You must allow your soul to connect with the soul of the person you are sharing this experience with. Trust yourself, and trust your self-expression. If you feel an impulse, go with it.

Instead of jumping into it, lay down with your partner, and simply enjoy each other’s presence. Caress one another. Regard your man’s body as the key to the temple, and understand that the temple is YOU. Feel every single movement during the act. Indulge every sensation. Let it overcome you. If you begin to find your way to an orgasm, feel it intensely. Look your partner in the eye. Feel not only his physical presence within you, but also feel his spiritual presence.

It may take some time to fully adopt the idea of conscious sex, however, once you are able to completely surrender you will understand that it is worth it. Rather than just expecting pleasure from the act of love making, you will be able to know why it is considered making love. It will become a spiritual practice between you, your lover and the divine creator. It will completely change your world.