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Yes, being a single mom is hard but it is worth it. It might leave us questioning if we are doing enough for our children or if they will be okay, they will be fine.

No matter how hard things get or how upset you may feel at times things will be okay. You can do this thing called parenting all on your own. Even if you think you can’t, you can.

Yes, sometimes your children will be pissed at you, but as they age they will learn to appreciate you and all that you do for them. They will be thankful for you every step of the way whether they say so or not. Sure sometimes you may be a little late picking them up but that will not change how they turn out.

You will inspire them to work as hard as you do to get the things they need in this life. They will not feel like everything should be handed to them. They will know that working for what you want in life is what you have to do and that is amazing.

Some days will be good while others will be bad but the good ones will make all the bad ones worth it. Your children will grow up to be free thinkers. They will be creative and adventurous and smart. All the things that you are. They will fight with you and you will be frustrated. It happens.

They may tell you they hate you from time to time but they don’t, they could never. They love you more than you will ever know as you do them. Your children will grow up to be the embodiment of all the best parts of you and they will never cease to make you proud.

You will spend all the time you can with them and they will have a special more intense bond with you because of that. They will come to you when they have a problem and they will be the first to come talking to you about their day whether it was good or bad. You will be given all of their attention for as long as you will allow it.

You are more than a mother to your children you are their everything, the only person they truly have in this world. They will forever look up to you and love you. They will be just fine, no matter what happens in this journey of life they will stick by your side. You will do right by them as they will do right by you. You are an amazing mother don’t forget that.