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Animals are amazing we see proof of this every day, however, there are some animals that go above and beyond for the people they love. This dog is more than just a best friend he is a lifesaver!

This is the story of a fantastic dog named Jedi. Jedi is a black labrador retriever who did the most inspiring things possible, he saved his human’s life. Luke Nuttall, seven years old loves his dog and wouldn’t trade him for the world. Luke is not like normal little boys, he is special because he has type-1 diabetes. He was diagnosed at just two years old and Jedi is his alert dog, he has been trained to sense when someone’s blood sugar has dipped to a dangerously low level.

This is exactly what happened one night while Luke was fast asleep but instead of ignoring it Jedi did exactly what he was supposed to do. This could have been disastrous had Luke not had Jedi by his side. Once Jedi noticed this happening he woke up Luke’s mother Dorrie, lying on top of her forcing her to wake up and get out of bed. This is exactly what he was trained to do. Without Jedi Luke could have lost his life.

These two are inseparable and Jedi proves his love for Luke every single day. He is monitoring Luke’s blood sugar levels 24/7 and is the best friend this little boy could have asked for. Animals are truly much more amazing than we give them credit for.