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Gaslighting is a term used for a type of emotional abuse that happens far too often. It is essentially when the abuser makes the victim feel insane.

This is something that can and will damage the victim, a lot. The abuser being extremely manipulative will do whatever it takes to have their partner questioning everything even their feelings. If you want to learn more about gaslighting please click here.

When we are dealing with someone who is gaslighting us we need to get away from them. The more distance you gain the less strength the manipulator will have over you. Getting back to a place of self-trust is the most important step in my opinion. When people are manipulated in a relationship the damage caused is very real. They are actually some of the deepest wounds.

Greenlighting could be considered the ‘antidote’ to helping victims of gaslighting in a sense. Though I am not saying these people are broken because they aren’t they are strong individuals who deserve so much in this life. What I am saying is that by greenlighting they may be able to help reduce their pain and confusion.

Greenlighting is a form of compassion and acceptance for one’s self. In this, you treat your life as if it is a movie in a sense. Something that is okay and will continue to be okay. It has room for improvement and all the while is fine how it is. We can greenlight ourselves or others can do it for us.

Greenlighting is saying yes to yourself. It is becoming more compassionate with yourself and further developing your trust within. Being around the right people really makes a huge difference. You deserve the world, go out and get it!